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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Microsoft Teams Getting Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

June 14, 2022

Well, it’s not really getting smarter, but Teams will certainly do a better job of improving sound quality according to a post at The Verge. Ever since the pandemic, video conferencing vendors have been chasing Zoom and leap frogging each other with features and enhancements. Microsoft is now using AI to improve the sound quality of a call to make up for poor room acoustics in Teams. Basically, Teams analyzes the sound and if it detects sound is bouncing or reverberating in a room, it modifies it to make it sound like the “participants are speaking into a close-range microphone instead of an echoey mess.”

As the post states, “The most impressive part is the ability for people to interrupt each other on Teams calls now, without the awkward overlap where you can’t hear the other person due to the echo.” We’ve all been there. All of the improvements are now available in Teams. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the sound quality in our next Teams call?

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