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Microsoft Teams Improves Breakout Room Controls

August 24, 2021

Whether it is Zoom or Teams, chances are that you have been using one of them on a pretty consistent basis ever since the pandemic began. Zoom left the gate early with a ton of features that competitors scrambled to copy. The grid view for participants is a case in point. Pretty much every video conferencing platform now has some form of displaying participants in a grid view. Breakout rooms is another popular feature.

ZDNet reports that Microsoft Teams is improving access by giving presenters more control over breakout rooms. “Presenters will be able to add and delete rooms, assign users to rooms, set meeting times, make announcements, recreate rooms and adjust various settings.” In other words, the update should offload duties of meeting organizers. Think of it as being a co-host for breakout rooms. According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the update will begin rolling out in September.

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