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New Interface Available for Kindle E-Readers

September 15, 2021

I love my Kindle(s). The device is a very convenient way to carry around a lot of reading material in a small form factor. When we were taking cruise vacations (haven’t done that for several years and don’t intend to for a couple more years), the Kindle got a lot of use while reading by the pool or on the beach. Forget the iPad, it becomes a very expensive electronic brick if you try to use it in bright sunlight. Amazon has released a firmware update for many of the Kindle models. You can see a lot of the details concerning the update in a TechCrunch post, which is a major change to the user interface. “The company says it will continue to improve the home and library screens later this year — users will be able to swipe left on the home page to see recently read books from their library. Then, the library screen will introduce new filter and sort menus, a new collection view and an interactive scroll bar.”

The update should be delivered to your Kindle within the next several weeks. If you are a little impatient, you can manually update your device by following the instructions in this Amazon post. The first problem is identifying which Kindle model you have so that you can download the right file. This post will help you with that identification. The update makes your Kindle interface respond more like a smartphone screen by using swipe motions. The other benefit is that you won’t have to look up the serial number to determine which model Kindle you have. The model name is now shown in the device information.

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