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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

New Method to Share Files with Dropbox

November 6, 2019

Several months ago, Dropbox introduced a new feature to share files. For years, when you shared a file, every edit to the file was synchronized across all shared copies. In other words, you couldn't control the edits. As Engadget stated, synchronizing across all copies is great for collaboration, but it is less than ideal for, say, sharing files with a client. The feature is called Transfer and is now available to all Dropbox users. "Transfer allows Dropbox users to send a copy of files. Recipients won't need a Dropbox account to receive Transfers, and alterations made by recipients won't change the original file."

The size of files you can send depends on the type of account you have, which can be 100MB up to 100GB per transfer. Transfers automatically expire after seven days, but you can change that to a longer time if you have one of higher end business accounts. Check it out.

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