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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

No Privacy Protection for Chinese Apple Users

May 26, 2021

So much for Apple’s privacy policy. If you use Apple products in China, forget about keeping your data private. Think encryption protects your information? Think again. Not if you are in China. From my foxhole, it’s all about the money. CPO Magazine reported that “the Chinese market is now also the source of 1/5 of Apple’s global revenue and is expected to continue growing.” Apple has “abandoned” the Chinese people and succumbed to the wishes of the Chinese government.

The data of Chinese customers is being moved to servers in Guiyang that are owned and operated by the Chinese government. Apple has already moved the encryption keys that secure iCloud data to China. What could go wrong? Supposedly, there is no evidence that the Chinese government has used the keys to access iCloud data, but they could if they wanted to. Apple also claims that the Chinese government should not have access to the data of others outside of China. That brings to mind a famous saying, “Trust me, I’ve from the government.”

Call me cynical, but once the encryption keys are out of your control, you effectively have back door access. No thank you.

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