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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Random Alias Email Addresses for 1Password Accounts

September 29, 2021

We are a very mobile society. The vast majority of online services require an email address as login credentials or to communicate with you. I can’t remember the last time I used a service that didn’t have some sort of relationship to an email address. Therein lies the problem. It’s no secret that your email address is used and sold for marketing purposes. It’s a huge contributor to the volume of spam we receive. Some have resorted to using a different email address when signing up for services online. It would be even better if you had a unique email address for each login.

Gizmodo reports that 1Password will now let you hide your real email for your logins. According to the post, 1Password is partnering with Fastmail to create unique temporary email addresses for each account. When you sign up for an online service that needs an email address, 1Password integrates the request with Fastmail to provide a unique alias email address for you. Emails sent to the alias address will be delivered to your main Fastmail mailbox. You are required to have a Fastmail account to integrate with 1Password. The basic Fastmail account is $30/year or $3/month if you elect to pay monthly.

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