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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Test Technology Prior to Joining Google Meet

February 4, 2021

What’s that saying? A day late and a dollar short? Android Police reported that you can now test your video and audio prior to joining a Google Meet call. Well, that’s encouraging. Teams, Zoom, Webex, etc. have had that feature for years. Apparently, Google Meet is just catching up with features competitors have had for some time. I’m not sure what experiences others have had with Google Meet, but ours has been terrible. I can’t recall a single Google Meet experience that was pleasant.

There are constant problems just establishing a connection and the quality is terrible. I guess you get what you paid for (it’s free). There is only one thing good to say about Google Meet. The automated closed captioning feature is pretty good. If you have participants that are hearing impaired, you’ll probably overlook the other warts of Google Meet in order to take advantage of the closed captioning capabilities.

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