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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

The Easy Way to Backup Gmail

January 27, 2021

You should always have a backup of your information, whether on your computer, mobile device or from a cloud service. How-To Geek posted how to download data from your Gmail account data to a searchable file on your computer using Google Takeout.

The process starts by logging in to the Google Takeout website using your Google credentials. From there, select the data you want to download. By default, ALL of your Google data is selected. If you just want email, click on the ‘Deselect all’ link in the upper right corner and only check the box next to Mail. Of course you are free to check as many boxes as you want. When your selections are done, click on the ‘Next step’ button. Make your selections for file type, frequency and destination. Click on the ‘Create export’ button to generate the download file. You’ll have one week to download the data once it is created.

It’s probably a good idea to download your Google data on a periodic basis just to be safe.

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