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Trackpad and Mouse Support for Office on an iPad

October 27, 2020

Back in March, Apple introduced trackpad and mouse support with the 13.4 versions of iOS and iPadOS. That was good news for those iPad users hoping to get a little closer to using an iPad as a laptop replacement. That gap has gotten even smaller. Microsoft announced that it is rolling out an Office update for iPads that takes advantage of the mouse and trackpad support.

As Microsoft stated, "The Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps are now receiving updates to take full advantage of trackpad support in iPadOS to give iPad users using a mouse or Apple's new Magic Keyboard easy cursor control, fluid navigation, and precise adjustments. When moving a finger across the built-in trackpad of Magic Keyboard, the cursor transforms into the tool you need depending on the content you're pointing to. And using a mouse or trackpad with iPad for common tasks like highlighting a passage of text in Word, selecting a range of cells in Excel, and moving and resizing graphics in PowerPoint are as simple and intuitive as ever. This experience will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever used Office on a Mac or a PC and helps make iPad even more versatile and capable for getting more work done."

Apple's Magic Keyboard will set you back $289. Ouch. Try out the Logitech Combo Touch for about half the cost at $149.99.

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