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Windows 10 2004 Crashing Some Newer ThinkPads

September 2, 2020

You may be experiencing that dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) if you've updated to the Windows 10 2004 release and own a Lenovo ThinkPad model from 2019 or 2020. Lenovo has issued an advisory concerning BSoD events for some newer models of ThinkPads with virtualization security. Bleeping Computer reported that users may experience one of the following symptoms after the Windows 10 update.

  • Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) when booting
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) when starting Lenovo Vantage
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) when running Windows Defender Scan
  • Can't login by Face with Windows Hello
  • Errors in Device Manager related to Intel Management Engine
  • Errors in Device Manager related to IR Camera

Apparently, the problem is caused by driver conflicts with Windows 10 virtualization. Lenovo recommends disabling "Enhanced Windows Biometric Security" in the BIOS to get past the BSoD event.

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