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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Windows 10 Automatic File Cleanup

August 25, 2020

Electronic storage is cheap. As a result, users tend to save everything until they run short of disk storage. When that happens, the normal operation is to empty the recycle bin. Users may also take the opportunity to remove duplicate files or unwanted photos. But what if you wanted your Windows 10 computer to automatically manage deletion of temporary files, etc.? Windows 10 has a feature called Storage Sense that does just that and Tech Viral has a post describing how it works and how to turn it on.

First, open the settings app. Click on System and select the Storage choice on the left-hand menu. Once you are at the Storage page, turn on the Storage Sense option at the top of the window. Remember that enabling this Windows 10 option will delete all temporary files including files in the recycle bin. Make sure you have good backups before considering enabling Storage Sense. For most users, I think it's better to just leave it at the default setting of disabled.

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