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Windows 11 Now Has Tabbed File Explorer

October 20, 2022

BleepingComputer has a post discussing the new features available with the latest update of Windows 11. Windows 11 KB5019509 preview cumulative update contains new features that were not quite ready when the 22H2 update was released. Just wait a bit if the cumulative update doesn’t show up for your device at this time. Microsoft stated, “These new features and experiences will start to become available today in an optional non-security preview release and a phased rollout via our servicing technology and new apps via Microsoft Store updates, ensuring you can take advantage of the latest Windows experiences as these new features are ready.”

One of the most anticipated features is the tabbed File Explorer interface. File Explorer now has tabs to list files in various folders all in one instance of File Explorer. Think of it like the tabs in a browser. Instead of each tab being a different web page, each File Explorer tab is a different destination for connected media. As an example, one tab could be the documents folder, another tab could be the downloads folder, a third tab could be a connected USB flash drive, etc. Additional new features released with the cumulative update include Suggested Actions, Taskbar Overflow features, and Task Manager quick-access features.

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