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Windows 11 Testing Handwriting Input in Fields

June 15, 2023

If you have ever used an iPad or other tablet, you’ve probably used handwriting (instead of a keyboard) to enter data into a field. The Verge reported that Microsoft is testing an upgrade to Windows Ink that will accomplish the same thing in the Windows 11 operating system. Instead of handwriting to text conversions only working in specific apps, Microsoft wants Windows to support it natively. The recent Patch Tuesday update included the new test code for US English language users. However, you’ll need to be running Preview Build 23481 to utilize the new feature. To see if it is available for your system, go to Settings -> Bluetooth and devices -> Pen and Windows Ink.

Like other software that is in a testing mode, there are some known issues with the released update. “Currently, you can’t use handwriting to erase text within Microsoft Edge — and the address box may “not work correctly,” either. Also, search boxes and comment fields in Microsoft 365 apps may be buggy too. Lastly, although you can write inside fields, you can’t convert handwriting to text within some 365 apps like Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.”

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