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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Windows Users Can’t Access iCloud Passwords After All

February 3, 2021

Yesterday I referenced a new capability Apple released to allow Windows user the ability to access passwords saved in Safari using a Chrome extension. Not so fast. One of the requirements for the Chrome extension is the installation of iCloud 12 for Windows 10. Bleeping Computer reported that Apple has pulled iCloud 12 for Windows 10 from the Microsoft store. Therefore, you can only download version at this time. It’s pretty hard to use a browser extension when you can’t even install the required program.

So much for having some hope of at least partially stepping outside the “walled garden” of Apple. If you are an Apple user with saved Safari passwords, you’re stuck in that environment until Apple releases a useable version of iCloud 12 for Windows 10. You are better off using a cross platform password manager instead of relying on Apple to synchronize to non-Apple devices.

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