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by John W. Simek, Vice President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc.

Zoom Will Force Software Updates

September 1, 2021

Not good about applying the latest patches or installing the latest version of software? You know who you are. Many vendors are now forcing users to install the latest updates to protect against vulnerabilities. Zoom just announced it will force users to install the latest version of software if it is more than nine months old. In other words, you can be lazy for nine months before Zoom will automatically update your installed application.

You have until November 1, 2021, before Zoom begins enforcing the 9-month update policy. The policy will affect the following Zoom products (oldest version as of November 2021):

  • Zoom Client: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android (5.5.0)
  • Zoom Rooms (5.5.0)
  • Zoom Rooms Controller (5.5.0)
  • Zoom Phone Appliances (5.6.0)
  • Outlook Plug-in (5.5.1)
  • Browser Scheduler Extensions for Chrome (1.6.3) and Firefox (2.1.13)
  • VDI Client (5.5.0)
  • Virtual Room Connector (4.4.6)
  • Meetings Connector (4.6.3)
  • Recording Connector (3.8.41)
  • Client SDK (5.5.0)

The forced update policy is really about making sure users are running a more secure version of the software. Even though the oldest version is indicated in the list, you may have to install later updates if you want to take advantage of newer features. Frankly, it really isn’t smart not to be running the latest version of any software.

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