Forensic Investigation and Analysis of Electronic Media

Forensic analysis is generally performed after the preservation and collection of ESI (electronically stored information). This includes locating information responsive to the initial scope of work, which may require analyzing the data through date filtering, searching for specific keywords, recovery of deleted content, and much more.

Using industry-standard digital forensic tools, our team of digital forensics examiners analyzes the evidence to locate and provide you with information responsive to your requests.

One of the many unique aspects of forensic analysis and investigations is that it can be tailored to discover the specific information that you are looking for. Our digital forensics examiners deal with all types of forensic investigations and analysis, including the following types of matters:

  • Criminal Defense Matters, including child pornography and murder
  • Divorce, Infidelity, Custody Cases
  • Civil Disputes
  • Employee Data Theft and Misuse
  • Deleted Text Message and Communications Recovery
  • File Metadata Analysis