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Eight Steps for Successful Ransomware Recovery

August 12, 2021

Here we go again. Like the internet, ransomware isn’t going away in the future. Attacks keep growing especially while more people work remotely using insecure consumer-grade environments. The cyber criminals have learned it is much easier to attack a home network to gain access to corporate assets. This means it is even more imperative to be prepared to recover from a ransomware attack. To help with recovery, CSO has a post with eight steps to successfully recover from backup.

  1. Keep the backup isolated
  2. Use write-once storage techniques
  3. Keep multiple types of backups
  4. Protect the backup catalog
  5. Back up everything that needs to be backed up
  6. Back up entire business processes
  7. Use hot disaster recovery sites and automation to speed recovery
  8. Test, test, and test again

Good advice overall. While it is a good idea to use write-once technology so that the data can’t be changed once written, it is not a very practical method for the majority of users. Isolation of backups is an important design step as well. But the MOST important item in the list is number eight. It doesn’t do you any good to have the most sophisticated and robust backup system in the world if it doesn’t work when you need it.

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