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Mar 28, 2023

8 Tips for Securing Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the primary computing technology for the majority of people. It seems that everyone has a smartphone attached

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Sep 02, 2020

Windows 10 2004 Crashing Some Newer ThinkPads

You may be experiencing that dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) if you've updated to the Windows 10 2004 release

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Nov 18, 2019

1Password Users – Facial Recognition on Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 doesn't have a fingerprint sensor so 1Password has been updated to use facial recognition. Android Police has

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Oct 24, 2019

Samsung Patches Fingerprint Problem

Last week, I gave another example as to why you shouldn't configure your phone to unlock with a fingerprint. Samsung

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Oct 17, 2019

Another Reason NOT to Use a Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone

Using a fingerprint to unlock your phone is certainly a lot faster and easier than typing in a password or

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Apr 18, 2019

TSA Approved Biometric Luggage Lock

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This can be the gift to give someone that has everything or

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Mar 07, 2019

Please Use a Password to Lock Your Phone

Anybody that has heard Sharon and I do a presentation knows that we are not a fan of biometric locking

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Aug 30, 2018

Best Advice to Unlock Your Phone – Fingerprint or Password?

We have long recommended that you should not use any biometric (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) method to unlock your smartphone.

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May 25, 2017

Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner Fooled by a Picture and Contact Lens

The Internet is buzzing with a shocking discovery that the iris scanner authentication on the Galaxy S8 is so easy

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