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Nov 10, 2022

Add Multi Monitor Support to Mac M1 and M2 Computers

Officially, Apple only supports one external monitor for M1 and M2 based computers. That’s a limitation some users will not

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Sep 28, 2022

Speed Up Your SSD in Windows 11

Solid State Drives (SSD) are pretty much standard storage devices for modern computers. You do still find some spinning hard

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Sep 08, 2022

Screaming Fast USB4

As if we don’t have enough to confuse us. Slowly, but surely, the world is looking to implement a standard

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Aug 25, 2022

Carbon Black Users Battling BSODs

It’s been a long while since I’ve seen the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). As reported by The Register,

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Mar 09, 2022

Poor Repair Scores for Microsoft, Google and Apple Products

When you spend your hard earned money on hardware, you certainly want it to last and not shell out more

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Feb 17, 2022

Should You Put Your Desktop Computer on the Floor?

What type of computer do you use? While more users prefer the mobility of a laptop, desktop and tower computers

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Sep 14, 2021

Comparison of EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) Tools

It goes without saying that everyone should have some sort of security software (e.g. anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.) running on their

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Sep 02, 2021

NSA Reports Encryption Safe from Quantum Computers

Quantum computers are the next generation of computers that are, as they would say in New England, wicked powerful. So

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Jul 20, 2021

Backups – First Line of Ransomware Defense

The word of the day is ransomware. It is no secret that ransomware attacks are on the rise. The news

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Jun 10, 2021

Mac Upgrade in Your Future?

Apple is working on a new version of operating system for Macs called macOS Monterey. ZDNet reported that following WWDC 2021, we

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Jun 03, 2021

Mine Ethereum Cryptocurrency with Norton Antivirus

Looking for new software features? Look no further. The Register reports that the Norton 360 security suite now has an option to

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May 05, 2021

Own a Dell Computer? Update it Now!

Dell is a huge supplier of computers. It doesn’t matter if you are using a laptop, desktop, tablet or even

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