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Sep 09, 2021

Technology for SSDs to Prevent Ransomware

Hopefully, you will never be a victim of ransomware. Unfortunately, by some reports, ransomware attacks have increased in the thousands

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Aug 05, 2021

Windows 11 – Improved Snipping Tool

Microsoft is dribbling out more details about Windows 11 features and when we may see the new operating system. How-To

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Jun 30, 2021

Western Digital My Book Live Storage Devices Under Attack

Many of us use an external USB device to augment our computer storage or as a backup device. Last week,

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Mar 16, 2021

Escape from Zoom Hell

As we continue to work-from-home, video conferencing has become a new way of life. Frankly, we’re all getting pretty tired

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Feb 08, 2021

Determine What Type of Hard Disk is in Your Computer

Do you know if you have a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a traditional spinning hard drive in your computer?

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Jan 21, 2021

Best Solid State Drives (SSD) for 2021

Say goodbye to spinning hard drives. Putting your money into a SSD is the best investment you can make. PCWorld

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Aug 25, 2020

Windows 10 Automatic File Cleanup

Electronic storage is cheap. As a result, users tend to save everything until they run short of disk storage. When

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Aug 04, 2020

Stop Paying for iCloud – Backup Your iPhone with Google One for Free

Everyone with a Google account gets 15GB of free online storage. You can increase the storage amount to 100GB for

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Mar 26, 2020

HP Solid State Drives Die Exactly After 40,000 Hours of Usage

Death and taxes are constant. According to an Engadget post, apparently so are certain models of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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Nov 20, 2019

Increase Your Computer Speed with a $70 Samsung Solid-State Drive

Increasing computer performance by adding memory is a good thing. Perhaps a better "bang for the buck" is having a

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Nov 13, 2019

New Icon for USB Drives in Windows 10?

If you are a Windows 10 user, you may have noticed a different icon to designate USB drives in Windows

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Nov 06, 2019

New Method to Share Files with Dropbox

Several months ago, Dropbox introduced a new feature to share files. For years, when you shared a file, every edit

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