Security Assessments

Cybersecurity can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t know where to start, Sensei can help.

Sensei’s security risk assessments provide a current review of the state of security of the client’s information systems. The assessment includes reviewing the layout of information systems, configurations of security hardware and software, and the state of devices on the network.

We can learn important information quickly just by identifying the systems used within your computing infrastructure and how they are configured and protected. Sensei’s security evaluations and assessments are an in-depth review of the current state of the client’s security.

After completing a security assessment, Sensei provides your business with a findings and recommendations report along with an estimate of costs to remediate security vulnerabilities.

Find the gaps in your network security.

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Items examined during a security assessment:

  • Hardware and software vulnerabilities
  • Misconfigurations of equipment and software
  • Status of software updates
  • Age of systems and warranties
  • Security permissions of users and devices
  • Protection of critical data, including account auditing
  • Cloud vendor security and configurations
  • Encryption and authentication requirements
  • Backup configuration and solution

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