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Aug 18, 2021

Manage Apple iCloud Passwords in Windows

Good news for Windows users that want to sync their iCloud passwords. The Verge reports that Apple now has a

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Aug 05, 2021

Windows 11 – Improved Snipping Tool

Microsoft is dribbling out more details about Windows 11 features and when we may see the new operating system. How-To

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Aug 04, 2021

Cloud Version of Windows in Your Future?

“Cloud First” has never had more meaning, especially since the pandemic. Moving services to the cloud gives you flexibility to

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Jul 21, 2021

WPA3 Encryption Coming to Windows 10

If your business or home Wi-Fi network doesn’t currently support the latest encryption standard of WPA3, now would be a

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Jul 08, 2021

Roll Back to Windows 10 after Windows 11 Upgrade

Automated updates and installations are a good thing, especially given that most users don’t tend to apply updates in a

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Jun 29, 2021

Windows 11 Release Rumored for October

The rumors are flying around that we may see an official release of Windows 11 in October. The Verge has

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Jun 15, 2021

Windows 10 End of Support Date Announced

The rumors are flying around like crazy. What is the next version of Windows? The betting money is that we’ll get the

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May 27, 2021

New Windows 10 Version Available Now

Besides applying patches to all of your application software, you should also patch your operating system and update to new

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Apr 28, 2021

Annotate Screenshots with Snip & Sketch

Many Windows users know how to take a screenshot by hitting the PrtSc key. Microsoft released the Snipping Tool in

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Apr 06, 2021

Historically Worst Windows Versions

A post on How-To Geek ranks the six worst versions of Windows. There was no hard empirical data to support the ranks,

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Mar 08, 2021

New Security Features for Microsoft Server 2022

Microsoft Ignite 2021 brought many new announcements for future Microsoft technology. One of those announcements concerns the next version of

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Feb 18, 2021

macOS Loses Second Most Popular Operating System Spot

Perhaps Apple is losing some of its fan base. According to a post on Ars Technica, Chrome OS has now

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