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Feb 11, 2021

Open Invitation to be Hacked – Lessons to be Learned

It’s all over the news. As The Hacker News reported, a Florida water treatment plant had a security incident where

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Feb 08, 2021

Determine What Type of Hard Disk is in Your Computer

Do you know if you have a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a traditional spinning hard drive in your computer?

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Feb 03, 2021

Windows Users Can’t Access iCloud Passwords After All

Yesterday I referenced a new capability Apple released to allow Windows user the ability to access passwords saved in Safari

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Jan 13, 2021

Run Signal Private Messenger on Your Computer

Users are quickly abandoning Facebook’s WhatsApp and jumping over to Signal or Telegram. You don’t have to just use Signal

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Jan 06, 2021

Back to the Future: Using Windows 95 Today

Not crazy about the modern user interface of Windows 10? Dying to go back 25 years to how things were?

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Dec 22, 2020

Beware Running CHKDSK on Windows 10

According to a post on Bleeping Computer, Microsoft has acknowledged a problem when you run the chkdsk /f command on

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Nov 19, 2020

Expose File Extensions in Windows 10

I've often wondered why Microsoft thought it was a good idea to hide file extensions from a user. I guess

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Nov 10, 2020

Add Folder Shortcuts to Start Menu Left Sidebar

There are a lot of customization options for Windows 10. A very useful feature is the ability to fully customize

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Oct 26, 2020

SYSTEM Control Panel Hidden in Windows 10 20H2

Troubleshooting Windows just got harder in Windows 10 20H2. That's because the SYSTEM control panel is hidden in the latest

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Oct 20, 2020

What’s Coming with the Next Windows 10 Version?

The current version of Windows 10 is 2004. Windows 10 Version 20H2 is scheduled for release just around the corner.

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Oct 12, 2020

Reload Factory Defaults for Windows 10

Sometimes you just want to clean up your computer system and start over. TechViral has a post that walks you

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Oct 05, 2020

Windows File Recovery Tool – Better and Faster

You no longer need to install a third party tool to recover deleted files from your Windows 10 computer. If

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